Benvenuto nell'alta moda
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In Milan since 1951

Elegance, refinement, care and preciosity. Milan means fashion, from always. This is the place where the main fashion companies were born and it still inspires all over the world such a never-motionless field. Miv Pelliccerie is fashion thanks to the quality of its material, the professionalism of its manufactures and the preciosity of its cloths. High fashion. In Milan since 1951.

From sales to custody

Miv Pelliccerie always takes care of its customers and follows them in all phases of the order, from the initial choice to the after sales service. Our workroom is able to satisfy any requirement, from restyling to any modifications or repairing and our staff is able to guide you through the various services Miv Pellicerie can offer you: suggestions and explications during the sale, custody or exchange of your cloths.


The workroom of Miv Pelliccerie has been manufacturing furs and textiles of high quality for more than 60 years. Our staff is composed by Italian professional craftsman and our technological equipments enable us to offer our customers exclusive cloths made to measure of customer needs.
Inside our show-room you will find a lot of our creations and you will have the possibility to see the quality of our products.

Customized clothes

Live the experience to assist to the birth of a cloth made on purpose for you: the model that better enhance your figure and your style, the joy to look for the right leather, textiles and colors.


Important clothes such as furs need to be entrusted to the expertise of professionals, both for minor and important modifications. This is the reason why our workroom makes use of a staff with decennial experience and cutting-edge machinery.


If your fur is old-fashioned or heavy, Miv Pelliccerie gives you the chance to change your old cloth buying a new fur.


Right temperature and moisture degrees save your fur from clothes moth and are important for the long life of your clothes. Summer custody of your furs in our vaults saves your precious goods from thefts and the extension of the insurance policy for Winter season save you for any risk while wearing your furs. We offer house-to-house service.


A service that will give a new look to your no longer fashionable clothes or to those clothes that you don’t feel like to wear any longer. With the creation of a new model you will have the chance to renew your cloth with a more modern style. In case of customized cloth and renewal we follow – upon request – together with the customer the choice of the model and we take your measurements at home.


Cleaning your fur at the end of the season keeps its life and its beauty and enable you to have a soft and gloss fur to wear during the next season.